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In the current economic climate many believe that a luxury home is out of reach. However, for around $2000 you can buy your home ready to luxuriate. How? The answer lies in buying and transforming a shipping container! Of course, it will cost more than the $2000 outlay in order to complete the transformation but consider this – for many people this is one month of mortgage payments and you will own it outright.


Just a little imagination


Of course, it does take some imagination as well as the shipping container home costs themselves. Luckily, with the wonders of internet access you can search for inspiration online. If you search Google images or other images sites you will be amazed at some of the ingenious designs that have been created by others including two displaced shipping containers on top of each other and open plan containers that are awe inspiring. Or alternatively visit an inspirational website such as for ideas.


Can’t do it yourself?


If you lack the imagination, practical ability or simply do not wish to undertake the monumental task of transforming your shipping container into a luxury home (and pretty impressive over dinner talking point) then why not commission one of the growing number of companies that will create and supply your shipping container home to your specifications. These can start at as little as $10,000 and I would imagine can go up and up from there. With the lowest United States area average house price at over $170,000 you can afford to do quite a lot of luxuriating before you get even close in price to a conventional house.


A home for life


If your shipping container home is well constructed and converted that you can fully expect it to be a home for life with very little or no exterior maintenance required. A great bonus feature to choosing a shipping container home. In addition to this you can expect lower heating costs due to its construction. Of course, if you are living in a hot climate this could easily turn into a disadvantage and this must be considered when modifying the shipping container in the first instance.


Permission to land


One final consideration, depending on the geographical area you wish to place your new home is any costs associated with local government permission. Many states will allow you to build your shipping container home and place it in any land that you own. It is of course your responsibility to check any legislation and requirements specific to your own area. If permission is required this could prove costly in some cases. If this is true for you it is worth having a discussion with your local government before making any purchases or decisions.


As you can imagine it is easy to dismiss the idea of a shipping container home as madness, impractical or too much effort for the results. However, by doing some basic research on the internet you will quickly see that this is a growing trend and not a second choice or only for those who cannot financially access conventional housing.


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